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How To Invest In Cannabis Stock by Happy Clerk

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

For the past five years, cannabis has been greatly in advancement from buzzword to a multibillion-dollar industry. And for about four years now Canada has publicly produced cannabis stock companies that venture in exchanges as well as in NASDAQ which attracts billions of investors and also opening floodgates for growth. This is called the "green rush" as it gives media attention and investors excitement. More countries are beginning to legalize cannabis stock which is making it becoming popular and available for investors. Thus, this rapid growth of cannabis is due to its varieties of importance like for medicals (Medical cannabis) and for recreational uses which led to more countries legalizing it as they discovered this importance and also attracts more investors.

1. Create a brokerage account.

The best way to buy cannabis stock is by creating a brokerage account. This is done after establishing the affordable amount to spend and being ready to register and fund the brokerage account. You will have a range of investments in your interesting stocks and options to choose. When choosing, you consider the most important features such as online trades.

2. Online stock brokerage.

This is a self-directed investor whereby you buy stock by contacting the registered stockbroker directly through an online brokerage service. Some of the stocks like truleaf (TCNNF) can be purchased in any online brokerage account. Others like WeBull, Robinhood, TD Ameritrade are common online brokerages with the stock market.

3. Research the interesting stocks you want to buy

After your account is being funded, you can then go in for business by picking stocks, and the best way to start this is by researching the already known companies from your experience as a consumer. You start this research on the annual management report of the company to know what's happening with the business.

4. Decide how many shares to buy

You shouldn't be pressurized to purchase a certain number of shares or rather stock up all your portfolio once. You rather start by buying just a few shares to get the ideology and feelings for what it's to individually own stocks. Thus, this is to avoid minimal sleep loss, so it's a gradual process and can be increased over time.

5. Know the type of cannabis stock to buy

You can't just proceed by purchasing any type of cannabis because you need to know what suits your portfolio. There are two types; medical cannabis and recreational cannabis. With medical cannabis being prescribed and needed mostly in hospitals, while recreational cannabis is for the “high” and can best be for an individual stock.

6. Understand the risks of investing in marijuana stocks

Investing in any type of business just as cannabis stocks have some degree of risk you should know. Legal and political risk. In countries where cannabis is not legalized, buying and selling cannabis remains an illegal act. Thus, these countries place high restrictions on companies concerned with cannabis stocks. Financial constraints. Some cannabis companies face the prospect of running out of cash so they elevate capital by issuing new shares which makes them raise back funds for the company.

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