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Grow Houses: From Underground to International Establishments by Saniya Malik

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

The world is full of stories where different industries have made their way from scratch and now, they are ruling the world.

Success stories are very fancy to talk about but these stories also hide some of their dark aspects every time. If we talk about the cannabis industry and cannabis grow houses, there has been a dramatic change that lifted this industry to new heights.

The cannabis industry has long been considered a taboo industry but the wave of legalization completely revolutionized this industry from underground to international level. Over the years, the image of cannabis growers has been recognized as being scruffy hipsters getting high on their own supply in a disorganized underground economy rather than bright industrial agriculture amenities. Even the large-scale businesses lack regular record keeping and quality control.

But after being legal, cannabis has become rapidly popular and the cannabis industry is becoming more professional with the rise of grow houses. More and more people are rushing to start a cannabis business or establish a grow house to increase their revenue with a fast-growing business.

Today, most US states have approved the sale, purchase, and cultivation of cannabis even for medical cannabis consumers to benefit from their own cannabis. Moreover, cannabis grow houses are widely established worldwide due to the industry’s potential of touching billion-dollars in the coming years.

Here, we are going to share the story of the rise of the Cannabis industry and grow houses, that how people were not concerned about its existence, then what happened that made Cannabis an illegal plant.

Illegalization of Cannabis

In 1920 after the Mexican revolution, Mexican people started migrating to America. They

brought a culture of smoking Marihuana (a part of the Cannabis plant) with them. This culture started attracting a large group of people to seek mental relaxation. Here the problematic mentality came into existence.

The reason for banning marijuana was Racism. It sounds a little weird but it is a reality too. There were a large number of minorities who used to smoke Marijuana. For the sake of power show off, Marijuana got banned under a specific Act that declared Marijuana an illegal

substance to consume.

However, the information about this growing issue varies. Some say that white and black people both used to smoke Marijuana but black people were more likely to get caught after the illegalization of Marijuana. While banning Marijuana, many scientists made their clear points that it does not produce harmful effects. There was no point in banning Marijuana but authorities did it for the sake of decimating minorities.

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