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Top 10 Best Weed Friendly Cities in the US by Rose Lemy

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

If you are an avid cannabis lover who enjoys entertainment and pop culture, you will enjoy exploring the cities listed below.

A few years ago, it was illegal to be in possession of or smoke cannabis without a prescription from a qualified physician. Now, with the United States slowly embracing marijuana, it is possible to enjoy your joint in many states. Let’s look at some of the cities that cannabis lovers would fit right in.

Boston, Massachusetts

This is the city where people gather once a year at a park and smoke cannabis together to celebrate Hempfest. How awesome is that! Boston is very lenient when it comes to cannabis use. It is the place where a cannabis enthusiast would feel right at home.

Maui, Hawaii

The city is the perfect getaway paradise for cannabis lovers. The climate is ideal for cannabis growth. Here, you will be exposed to the best of the best home-grown flowers. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy some sunshine, barbecue, and a serene view of the beach as you toke your favorite strain?

Humboldt County, California

Are you adept with the United States’ cannabis industry? If not, here is a fun fact; 30% of all the weed grown in the US comes from this city. Its climate is excellent for producing some of the most potent, dense, and resinous buds with a prolific terpene profile. You will get to taste the best straight from the farms.

Portland, Maine

The marijuana laws in Maine are very flexible. The weather is ideal for some stoner fishing activities with friends. You could also opt to take up some hiking challenges by exploring the numerous hiking trails available.

Oakland, California

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana. It is a very famous stoner’s city whose reputation goes beyond its borders. There are dozens of cafes, dispensaries, and clubs around for anyone who seeks the thrills of complete freedom. This is the city where every cannabis lover should come to learn about cannabis.

Boulder, Colorado

Colorado produces a high amount of cannabis, but do you know precisely where that weed comes from? Boulder! This city is tranquil and free of big city noise, making it the perfect place for marijuana enthusiasts who enjoy nature to visit. Engage yourself in bike riding activities at Boulder’s creek path or go for hikes at Chautauqua Park.

Las Vegas, Nevada

There is no possible way to disassociate Vegas and FUN! Especially since the legalization of medical (2001) and recreational (2016) marijuana. Numerous hotels allow cannabis consumption within the premises, making the experience even more fun, thrilling, and memorable.

San Francisco, California

The city is characterized by a myriad of dispensaries, making it one of the most cannabis-friendly towns in the US. The city has adopted an Amsterdam kind-of-lifestyle whereby cannabis aficionados can buy and smoke marijuana in coffee shops. San Francisco is the closest you can get to an Amsterdam experience unless you actually go to the Dutch county.

Denver, Colorado

Have you ever attended any cannabis cup event? Well, when you visit Denver, you might get a chance to see hundreds of people flying in to attend the annual cannabis cup. They come carrying some of the best strains in the world, expecting to go back home with awards attached to their strains’ names. Get a unique experience from the first state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Burlington, Vermont

The city is quickly embracing cannabis. In 2018, Vermont’s state legalized the possession of an ounce of cannabis for anyone who is above 21 years. In Burlington, there are countless activities to engage in like shopping impulsively, enjoying exotic foods, checking out historical exhibits, among others.


The ten cities listed above provide the best environment for cannabis lovers to enjoy themselves when on vacation. They will fit right in with the local, easy-going people.

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