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Women and Weed: Top Women Cannabis Trailblazers by Rose Lemy

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

From activism to entrepreneurship, women have gradually dominated the cannabis sector. They have always played instrumental roles in shaping the state of the world.

This tenacity has seen them spearhead their efforts toward ensuring equitable access to cannabis by all groups, including minorities and women. The cannabis industry is uniquely led by female pioneers who have spearheaded the creation of tasty concoctions, took a leading role in pushing for policy changes, and contributed to the sector’s revitalization. The following women are five trailblazers that are worth watching in the cannabis sector.

Wanda James

“Wanda James owns ‘simply pure,’ a dispensary located in Denver, Colorado. Wanda and her husband were the first African Americans to legally own a dispensary, edible company, and a cultivation facility. ”

She is well-known for her dedication to fighting for veterans’ rights suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and cannabis patients. Wanda is passionate about her role as a trailblazer, often attending government meetings to push for favorable and sensible policies, consumer rights, and social consumption. She also avidly protests the arrest of people found in possession of the plant, which has earned her celebrity status in the cannabis community.

Amanda Reiman

Amanda is a cannabis expert with a long list of accomplishments attached to her name. Currently, she is the vice president of community development for Flow Kana. The company works closely with cannabis cultivators in the Emerald Triangle, which happens to be the largest region in the United States that produces cannabis.

Being the International Cannabis Farmers Association secretary allows her to advocate for favorable policies and research for the local cannabis cultivators. This platform allows the farmers to narrate their stories and get the opportunity to achieve statewide distribution of their products. Additionally, Amanda is a member of several bodies, including The Mendocino Cannabis Industry Association, the California Cannabis Tourism Association, and the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council.

Amanda Ostrowitz

Amanda Ostrowitz is a regulatory attorney who dedicates her time and energy to ensuring individuals are informed of cannabis laws and understand and adhere to them.

Her company, CannaRegs, primarily focuses on working with businesses, attorneys, and governmental officials in ensuring they are equipped with the proper tools needed to keep tabs on any issues arising from regulatory laws. This former banker examiner has built herself a solid reputation, making her a much sought-after individual when it comes to cannabis law.

Ophelia Chong

Ophelia Chong wears many hats: she is an established photographer, entrepreneur, teacher, and designer. However, her most recognized role is that of a photographer and the founder of Stock Pot Images, a company that offers a wide range of cannabis-related photographs.

The pioneer cannabis stock agency works with Haystack, Adobe, and SmartFrame to create an archive of cannabis photography. Ophelia is also the founder of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education and a co-founder of Push Mag, two platforms that push for diversity and inclusion in the cannabis space.

Cynthia Salarizadeh

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