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Lil Baby Introduces WHAM! Weed

The new cannabis line was born on Friday, August 26, by Atlanta's golden child Lil Baby. As he prepares for his next record run, his Wham! the brand serves a greater purpose than just a brief "thank you" to fans. The legacy dealer's first attempt at using legal marijuana is Wham! And it doesn't appear to be his final opportunity to play the authorized game.

In 2018 Lil  Baby rapped paying homage to Dem Franchize Boyz's "White Tee," an ATL classic from 2004. "I was selling marijuana when 'White Tee' came out," The Baby was born in December 1994, for reference. His rap name suddenly makes a lot of sense, right?


His 4PF rap crew's influence on Atlanta's streets is so strong that it was held responsible for the Obama Runtz rush of 2020. But in April of this year, Baby and The Holding Company

For the time being, most of WHAM!'s business relationships are kept hidden. However, the CEOs of Cookies, GUMBO, and Jokes Up! are all lending support to the cause in their own special ways.  


Lil Baby's home state of Georgia is far from legalizing THC-heavy cannabis, although Atlanta and other localities have decriminalized tiny amounts of it. Additionally, the sole alternative permitted for GA's medical patients is low-THC oil. Lil Baby is fortunate in that he doesn't have to wait for Hotlanta to enter the fray because of the attraction of his music on a global scale.


Some users say, this a Wham! high will make you feel relaxed and unhurried for 30 to 90 minutes, but the high is brief and doesn't seem burdensome. Heavyweights may find themselves rolling up more frequently to maintain the vibe sooner rather than later, depending on their THC tolerance.

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