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Like many other major music groups in history, the Migos are no different when it comes to possible problems behind the scenes. In some cases groups, breakup and everyone goes their separate ways, or sometimes they take breaks and focus on other ventures and projects. For instance, the Quavo and Takeoff as "Unc & Phew" project hit the streets only one day after reports of a rumored Migos breakup. Their debut track, " Hotel Lobby" has been attracting mass attention and garnering rave reviews.



Quavo and Takeoff star in a music video for their single which is billed as Unc & Phew, a reference to the rappers' familial ties. The bizarre video follows uncle Quavo and his nephew Takeoff through their exploits in Sin City. The concept was a homage to the 1998 film, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". The song, which Murda Beatz produced, is a summer jam, rags-to-riches flex. Quavo is rapping in the chorus, “Ni**a wasn’t sh*t, I was outside servin’ narcotics". As a whole, the song has already taken off and fans are taking notice. Check out the video for "Hotel Lobby" below, and stay tuned for more on Migos' future plans.

Many Migos fans have been speculating about a possible splintering of the group. Sources all over social media have revealed that Quavo and Offset no longer follow each other on Instagram. While Takeoff still follows Offset and his wife Cardi B, despite Cardi unfollowing the duo much like her husband.


We can only hope all the speculation is chatter, and the Migos are busy focusing on new music! Culture III was the last studio album from the Migos which was released, in 2021. To date, Culture III was been ranked as one of the Best Hip-Hop albums of 2021. Hopefully, we'll be hearing more from the Migos soon, but for now, if you missed it go back and check out "Culture III" by. the Migos!

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