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Music & Weed, Yes Indeed!

Cannabis and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it is a blatantly obvious cannabis-centric song like Styles P's "I Get High" or something like the cannabis-inspired Rick James song, "Mary Jane," there is a clear connection between the two. Although some might assume that cannabis and music are just basic elements of "stoner culture," the truth is much more complex.  Read More

Lil Baby Introduces WHAM!  

The new cannabis line was born on Friday, August 26, by Atlanta's golden child Lil Baby. As he prepares for his next record run, his Wham! the brand serves a greater purpose than just a brief "thank you" to fans. The legacy dealer's first attempt at using legal marijuana is Wham! And it doesn't appear to be his final opportunity to play the authorized game. Read More

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Migos Inevitable Evolution

Like many other major music groups in history, the Migos are no different when it comes to possible problems behind the scenes. In some cases groups, breakup and everyone goes their separate ways, or sometimes they take breaks and focus on other ventures and projects. For instance, the Quavo and Takeoff as "Unc & Phew" project hit the streets only one day after reports of a rumored Migos breakup. Their debut track, " Hotel Lobby" has been attracting mass attention and garnering rave reviews.

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