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Kanye's Beef With Adidas & The Gap

Adidas and GAP have been targets of Ye's recent rage as he has posted criticisms of the two clothing companies practically every day. Kanye West accused Adidas officials of copying his Yeezy apparel line in many comments that have since been pulled from the internet. READ MORE

Death of a Monarch

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has been the most talked about topic in the world of the past few days. The Queen was a long-standing symbol of unity and strength for the British people and her death has been a shock. The death of a head of state is usually a very personal and private affair but in this case, the death of the Queen has been all over the news. There has been a lot of international media coverage of the Queen's death and some have not been as fair or accurate. READ MORE

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Jay Z's Monogram Empire

Jay Z is a businessman. He's also a rapper, an actor, a producer, and an entrepreneur. Now he's an investor. Jay Z invests his time and money in many companies, including beverage, technology, and even real estate. But one of his most recent investments is a company called Monogram. Monogram is the newest cannabis company and it's currently valued at $1 billion. In this article, you'll learn how Jay Z invested in Monogram and what the company's future holds. READ MORE

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